Realistic Workload Generation for Cloud Data Centers Bulut Veri Merkezleri icin Gercekci Is Yuku Uretimi

Koltuk, Furkan
Schmidt, Şenan Ece
© 2020 IEEE.This paper proposes a new method for creating synthetic workload traces in accordance with the distribution and time characteristics of a given actual workload trace. To this end, we first find the distribution that fits to the actual workload trace, then rearrange the random samples that are generated from this distribution such that the final synthetic trace has time characteristics that are similar to the actual trace. We evaluate our method using real virtual machine and task request traces of Azure and Google cloud data centers. Our method enables generating synthetic traces that can be used for a more realistic evaluation of cloud data centers.
28th Signal Processing and Communications Applications Conference, SIU 2020


A Novel Method for the Synthetic Generation of Non-I.I.D Workloads for Cloud Data Centers
Koltuk, Furkan; Schmidt, Şenan Ece (2020-07-01)
© 2020 IEEE.Cloud data center workloads have time- dependencies and are hence non-i.i.d (independent and identically distributed). In this paper, we propose a new model-based method for creating synthetic workload traces for cloud data centers that have similar time characteristics and cumulative distributions to those of the actual traces. We evaluate our method using the actual resource request traces of Azure collected in 2019 and the well-known Google cloud trace. Our method enables generating synthetic...
CLOUDGEN: Workload generation for the evaluation of cloud computing systems CLOUDGEN: Bulut Bilişim Sistemlerinin Başarim Deǧerlendirmesi icin Iş Yuku Uretimi
Koltuk, Furkan; Yazar, Alper; Schmidt, Şenan Ece (2019-04-01)
In this paper, we propose CLOUDGEN workflow that produces synthetic workloads for Infrastructure and Platform as a Service for the evaluation of resource management approaches in cloud computing systems. To this end, CLOUDGEN systematically processes and clusters records in a given workload trace and fits distributions for different workload parameters within the clusters. Different than the previous work, clustering is carried out to produce different virtual machine types for achieving models that are sui...
Designing energy-efficient high-precision multi-pass turning processes via robust optimization and artificial intelligence
Khalilpourazari, Soheyl; Khalilpourazary, Saman; ÇİFTÇİOĞLU, AYBİKE ÖZYÜKSEL; Weber, Gerhard Wilhelm (Springer Science and Business Media LLC, 2020-09-01)
This paper suggests a novel robust formulation designed for optimizing the parameters of the turning process in an uncertain environment for the first time. The aim is to achieve the lowest energy consumption and highest precision. With this aim, the current paper considers uncertain parameters, objective functions, and constraints in the offered mathematical model. We proposed several uncertain models and validated the results in real-world case studies. In addition, several artificial intelligence-based s...
Tekin, Yaşar; Karagöz, Pınar; Department of Science and Technology Policy Studies (2022-1-17)
Topic modeling is a widely used technique to extract latent topics from large document collections. One of the most remarkable uses of it is its application to scientific fields. If topic modeling is applied to all articles published in a specific scientific field, it provides an overall view of topics and trends for the time period under consideration. If it is applied to a single conference or journal, it reveals differences from global trends. The most popular method used for topic modeling is Latent Dir...
Resource Allocation for Minimized Power Consumption in Hardware Accelerated Clouds
Ekici, Nazim Umut; Schmidt, Klaus Verner; Yazar, Alper; Schmidt, Şenan Ece (2019-01-01)
In this paper we propose ACCLOUD-MAN, a novel resource manager for heterogeneous cloud data centers. In heterogeneous clouds a user request can be satisfied with more than one physical resource alternative. That is, the resource manager must decide which resource alternative will be chosen, along with the decision of the server the request will be assigned to. ACCLOUD-MAN's resource management objective is to reduce the power consumption of the cloud data center. To this end, the manager is modeled as an in...
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F. Koltuk and Ş. E. Schmidt, “Realistic Workload Generation for Cloud Data Centers Bulut Veri Merkezleri icin Gercekci Is Yuku Uretimi,” presented at the 28th Signal Processing and Communications Applications Conference, SIU 2020, Gaziantep, Türkiye, 2020, Accessed: 00, 2022. [Online]. Available: