Higher Education in the Era of Migration, Displacement and Internationalization

Arar, Khalid
Kondakçı, Yaşar
Streitwieser, Bernhard
Saiti, Anna
This book draws from the voices of students and those who educate them to reveal the unique issues faced in the quest to access higher education in order to provide a greater understanding of the complex phenomenon of international migration and its intersection with higher education.


Globalization and its challenges for developing countries: the case of Turkish higher education
Akar, Hanife (Springer Science and Business Media LLC, 2010-4-4)
This paper examines the challenges faced by the Turkish higher education system and exposes the inequities and realities educators in a developing nation must struggle with as they try to find a prestigious spot in the knowledge-production industry. After a brief overview of the literature that illustrates how globalization penetrated into each stage of development of Turkey's modern institutions of higher education, the paper presents a discussion, based on national and international statistics, of the cha...
Efl learners’ imagined communities and investments: multiple perspectives from an intensive English language program in Turkey
Aslan, Reyhan; Seferoğlu, Gölge; Department of English Language Teaching (2020-9)
This study set out to investigate the relationship between imagined identities and L2 investments in an in-depth analysis of the three learners’ English learning stories who had diverse motivational profiles in a pre-undergraduate language education program in Turkey. Besides, this inquiry sought to explore the imagined communities informing the policy documents and the program members’ perspectives in order to reveal how their L2-mediated visions interacted with each other. With this purpose in mind, this ...
Grounding Critical Educators' Lives on Solidarity, Community and Friendship
Alica, Zeynep; Tezgiden Cakcak, Sebahat Yasemin (Bloomsbury Press, 2022-01-01)
This chapter tells the story of how two critical educators ground their daily lives on solidarity networks they build with their colleagues and students. Authors describe their personal and professional experience and challenges during the pandemic and how they survive rough times with the support of their now digital communities. Believing in the possibility of transformation even in difficult times, they think (re)building relationships, community, and solidarity through digital networks such as Global Th...
Analysis of The Planning Education in the Light of the Contemporary Trends in Planning
Husar, Husar, Milan; Varis, Sila Ceren; Ondrejicka, Vladimir (IOP Publishing; 2017-12)
This paper examines the way the planning education is taught and examines the recent trends in the curricula of planning education institutions. The introduction of changing economic systems and planning in the field of education is discussed against these changes. Additionally, the evolution in the planner's role and how it affects the planning education is discussed. The paper is addressing trends and challenges the countries and their planning changes are facing in 21st century. The trends such as increa...
Professional Development of Pre-service Teachers in an English Language teacher Education Program
Bal Gezegin, Betül; Balıkçı, Gözde; Gümüşok, Fatma (2019-07-01)
This case study aims to explore the professional development experiences of two fourth–year student teachers (mentees, hereafter) and their two cooperative school teachers (mentors, hereafter) in the practicum component of English language teacher education program in a state university. The participants of this study were doing their internship in their last year of pre-service education. In order to understand the mentorship process in terms of professional development practice for those involved, two men...
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K. Arar, Y. Kondakçı, B. Streitwieser, and A. Saiti, Higher Education in the Era of Migration, Displacement and Internationalization. 2022.