The Impact of Online and Face-to-Face Peer Feedback on Pre-Service Teachers in EFL Academic Writing

This mixed-method 14-week case study investigated the impact of peer feedback on Turkish English asa foreign language (EFL) prospective teachers’ attitudes to and performance in a blended academicwriting course in the tertiary setting. The peer feedback provision process involved online and faceto-face written peer feedback on weblogs, enhanced with a six-hour training phase for peer feedback.Weekly student journals, group feedback conferences, the end-of-the-semester survey, and the pre- andpost-writing tests were used in the data collection. The qualitative data were analyzed through contentanalysis and the quantitative data via descriptive statistics and an independent paired sample t-test. Thestudy indicated that the use of face-to-face and online peer feedback together was perceived as beneficialand effective by EFL pre-service teachers and that it led to a relatively successful performance in academicwriting. It is suggested that participants unfamiliar with peer revision be provided with trainingand continuous scaffolding/guidance to ensure the effectiveness of the process.


The Effects of Teacher Code-switching on EFL Learners’ Speaking Skill
Demir Ayaz, Aycan (2017-09-01)
This article presents the results of a research study regarding the effects of teacher code-switching on EFL learners’ speaking skill. It was undertaken to see the relations of teacher code-switching to 1) the learners’ overall oral production success, 2) their psychological comfort, 3) fluency, 4) accuracy, 5) vocabulary choice, 6) pronunciation and 7) comprehending and conveying the messages in a speaking task. A quantitative research design was used to do so. The study was conducted with 24 A2-level EFL ...
The development of pragmatic competence: a study on requests
Yumun, Elif; Zeyrek Bozşahin, Deniz; Department of English Literature (2008)
The purpose of the study was to investigate the pragmatic competence of Turkish learners of English in requests at two levels of English proficiency. Another aspect of the study was to identify the overall and situational proficiency of the learners in performing the speech act of requests and to figure out development and transfer factors. Additionally, the extent to which the changing social variables of power and distance in each of the situations and through the situations affect the learners’ request b...
The impact of school and student related factors on scientific literacy skills in the programme for international student assessment-Pisa 2006
Çalışkan, Müfide; Berberoğlu, Halil Giray; Department of Secondary Science and Mathematics Education (2008)
The purpose of the study was to examine the impact of school and student related factors on scientific literacy skills of Turkish students in the Programme for International Student Assessment PISA 2006. 4942, 15 year-old Turkish students from 10 primary schools, 88 general high schools and 66 vocational high schools participated in this assessment. Among the student factors considered were gender, student background, motivational factors, science self belief, value belief regarding science, science-relate...
The Effectiveness of EFL students’ peer feedback practices in composition classes: a case study at a state university in Turkey
Demir, Sinem; Eröz Tuğa, Betil; Department of English Language Teaching (2019)
Conducted in the preparatory school of a state university in central Turkey, this thesis study aimed to investigate the extent to which EFL students incorporate peer feedback into their essay revisions, to explore EFL students’ and EFL instructors’ views on the effectiveness of the peer feedback practices and also their suggestions for improving these practices. The study was carried out with 109 participants, including 100 EFL students and 9 EFL instructors in the second term in 2018-2019 academic year. Th...
The effect of three different types of corrective feedback on writing performances of english language learners at university of economics and technology
Eylenen, Sibel; Seferoğlu, Gölge; Department of English Language Education (2008)
This study aimed at investigating the effects of three different types of error correction feedback on foreign language students. This study is conducted in the Department of Foreign Languages at TOBB ETU in three B level clasess and three different error correction techniques are used to mesaure the effectiveness of each one on general writing success of the students. For this purpose, 68 preparatory school students at TOBB ETU participated the study. The data were collected through quantitative and qualit...
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