This paper is a part of a long-term study examining the didactic transposition process of the quadrilateral knowledge. It aims at examining the relationship between the knowledge officially proposed by school curriculum and the knowledge planned to teach by a novice mathematics teacher regarding quadrilaterals in 5 th grade. We analyzed the curriculum and data of the interview with a novice mathematics teacher. The data obtained shows that the knowledge planned to be taught is consistent with the knowledge proposed in the curriculum, except for the relationships between quadrilateral types. The findings reveal that the role of the teacher’s knowledge is critical to the knowledge to be taught
International Congress on Mathematical Education ( ICME-14)


The heritage of the Vienna circle: the revival of empiricism through the assimilation of metaphysics
Kulandina, Yavgeniy; Bağçe, Samet; Department of Philosophy (2019)
This thesis aims to examine whether one can establish an evaluative account that can be efficiently applicable to the actual scientific practice. In this regard, the heritage of the Vienna Circle, particularly its ‘radical’ elaboration of empiricism implemented through the rejection of metaphysics, is taken as the starting point of analysis. Setting aside the limitations of the standard interpretation of the Vienna Circle, the heuristic aspects of Otto Neurath’s non-foundationalism are examined and further ...
The influence of argumentation based instruction onsixth grade students' attitudes toward science, conceptual understandings of physical and chemical change topic and argumentativeness
Oğuz Çakır, Bahriye Zühal; Çapa Aydın, Yeşim; Department of Educational Sciences (2011)
The purpose of this study was to investigate the influence of argumentation based instruction on sixth grade students‟ attitudes toward science, development of conceptual understanding about physical and chemical change topic, and argumentativeness. This study was carried out during 2010-2011 spring semester at a public elementary school in Ankara. A total of 65 sixth grade students from two intact classes were theparticipants of this study. The sample was chosen conveniently. Students in the experimental g...
The Ontology of Contemporary Construction
Atakara, Cemil; Hürol, Yonca (Middle East Technical University, Faculty of Architecture, 2007)
The main aim of this study is to discuss the ontology of contemporary construction by considering the recent developments in structures. For this purpose, contemporary transparent surfaces of suspended glass systems are considered. These systems are compared with the framed structures of the modern, and Gothic structures in order to discuss the ontological differences between them. The three systems are compared according to the number of structural systems in the building, the type of structural mat...
The nature and development of interaction among components of pedagogical content knowledge in practicum
Aydın, Sevgi; Demirdogen, Betul; Akın Çelebi, Fatma; Kondakçı, Esen; Tarkin, Aysegul (2015-02-01)
This secondary analysis study focused on how interactions among preservice teachers' pedagogical content knowledge (PCK) components developed throughout a 14-week CoRe-based mentoringenriched practicum course, and the nature of those interactions. Data were collected from three preservice teachers, information-rich cases, by the use of content representation (CoRe) and semi-structured interviews. Content analysis and the constant comparative method were employed in the data analysis. Results revealed that t...
The Characteristics of Knowledge in Evolutionary Economics
Bozkırlıoğlu, Berna Beyhan (Science And Technology Policies Research Center, Middle East Technical University (Ankara, Turkey), 2006)
The main objective of this paper is to study the tacit and codified knowledge in evolutionary economic models. In these models, knowledge is defined as different from information, and as dynamic, path dependent and embedded in human actions, in other words, in habits or skills, and routines. Such a definition of knowledge, in fact, gives clues about the characteristics, tacit or codified, of knowledge in evolutionary economic models. From this perspective, tacit knowledge resides at the core of routines, an...
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