Uludağ Mimarlık

Uludağ, Zeynep
Uludağ, Orhan


Modeling and development of a groundwater management plan for Ulubey aquifer system, Uşak-Turkey
Ünsal Erdemli, Burcu; Yazıcıgil, Hasan; Department of Geological Engineering (2008)
The purpose of this study is the characterization and modeling of Ulubey aquifer system which serves as an important water supply for Uşak province located in inner parts of the Aegean Region in Turkey. In recent years, growing population, accelarating industrial activities and on the contrary decreasing rainfall and contamination of the surface water resources made groundwater indispensable to meet domestic, agricultural and industrial water demands of Uşak province. All these facts necessitate the develop...
Modeling the water quality in Ulubat Lake
Yenilmez, Firdes; Aksoy, Ayşegül; Department of Environmental Engineering (2007)
Lakes can be used for recreational purposes, agricultural irrigation, domestic water supply or industrial use. However, these functions of the lakes can be impaired due to excess nutrient loadings from industrial facilities, agricultural activities, and discharge of wastewaters from sewage systems. Uluabat Lake is one of the important lakes in Turkey faced with water quality problems due to excess nutrient loading from point and non-point sources. In this study, Water Quality Analysis Simulation Program (WA...
Examinations on technological characteristics of mudbased construction materials in Ulucak Hoyuk neolithic settlement
Erol, Fatıma; Tavukçuoğlu, Ayşe; Department of Archaeometry (2019)
The main concern of the study is the definition of mud-based materials technologies belonging to Ulucak Höyük (İzmir) Neolithic settlement (Vth level:6400-6000 BC and IVth level: 5990-5660 BC). Representative samples were collected from the eight different mud masonry houses that were unburnt, partially and fully burnt mudbricks, interior/exterior mud plasters, and floor covering mud mortars. Their laboratory tests were based on raw materials analyses composed of compositional properties of mud mixtures and...
Micropalentological analysis and sequence stratigraphy through upper tournaisian substage in Aladağ unit (Central Taurides, Turkey)
Dinç, Aksel Tuğba; Altıner, Demir; Department of Geological Engineering (2009)
The purpose of this study is to investigate the Upper Tournaisian substage within the Carboniferous carbonate deposits of the Aladağ Unit in the Hadim region (Central Taurides) based on foraminiferal diversity and to study the meter scale cyclicity in order to explain the sequence stratigraphic evolution of the carbonate succession. In this study, a 27.01 m thick stratigraphic section consisting of limestones and shales was measured and 89 samples, collected along this section, were analyzed. Micropaleontol...
Elmadağ-Kırıkkale Ayrımı Kalecik Yolu Heyelanının Mühendislik Jeolojisi Açısından İncelenmesi
Temur, Mehmet Ali; Türk, Emre; Tüfenkçi, Osman Oğuz; Topal, Tamer (null; 2017-04-10)
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