Colloidal Transport of Heavy Metals in Natural Subsurface Sediments



Colloidal Transport of Heavy Metals in Natural Subsurface Sediments
Şengör, Sema Sevinç (2021-04-30)
Colloidal CdSe Quantum Wells with Graded Shell Composition for Low-Threshold Amplified Spontaneous Emission and Highly Efficient Electroluminescence
Keleştemur, Yusuf; Anni, Marco; Yakunin, Sergii; De Giorgi, Maria Luisa; Kovalenko, Maksym V. (2019-12-01)
Semiconductor nanoplatelets (NPLs) have emerged as a very promising class of colloidal nanocrystals for light-emitting devices owing to their quantum-well-like electronic and optical characteristics. However, their lower photoluminescence quantum yield (PLQY) and limited stability have hampered the realization of their outstanding luminescent properties in device applications. Here, to address these deficiencies, we present a two-step synthetic approach that enables the synthesis of core/shell NPLs with pre...
Collagen/PEO/gold nanofibrous matrices for skin tissue engineering
Akturk, Omer; Keskin, Dilek (The Scientific and Technological Research Council of Turkey, 2016-01-01)
As a novel approach in skin tissue engineering, gold nanoparticles (AuNPs) were synthesized and incorporated at different concentrations into collagen/PEO nanofibrous matrices in this study. The group containing 14.27 ppm AuNPs (CM-Au) had the best nanofibrous morphology. CM-Au was cross-linked with glutaraldehyde vapor (CM-AuX). All groups were disrupted in collagenase in 2 h, but cross-linked groups and Matriderm (R) resisted hydrolytic degradation for 7 and 14 days, respectively. Due to its small pores a...
Collagen matrices for guided tissue engineering
Ber, Suzan; Hasırcı, Vasıf Nejat; Toner, Mehmet; Department of Biotechnology (2002)
Colloidal Nanoplatelet/Conducting Polymer Hybrids: Excitonic and Material Properties
Guzelturk, Burak; Menk, Florian; Philipps, Kai; Keleştemur, Yusuf; Olutas, Murat; Zentel, Rudolf; Demir, Hilmi Volkan (2016-02-01)
Here we present the first account of conductive polymer/colloidal nanoplatelet hybrids. For this, we developed DEH-PPV-based polymers with two different anchor groups (sulfide and amine) acting as surfactants for CdSe nanoplatelets, which are atomically flat semiconductor nanocrystals. Hybridization of the polymers with the nanoplatelets in the solution phase was observed to cause strong photoluminescence quenching in both materials. Through steady-state photoluminescence and excitation spectrum measurement...
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