An Adaptive-Iterative Nonlinear Interference Cancellation in Time-Varying Full-Duplex Channels

In this paper, first, the sensitivity of traditional Full-Duplex (FD) communication systems to time variation in the self-interference (SI) channel is demonstrated via performance analysis. It is seen that conventional schemes are not capable of providing efficient operation regarding practical concerns such as spectral efficiency, SI channel aging and learning accuracy, and the contamination of signal-of-interest (SoI). Then, in regard to the aforementioned concerns, a practical FD operation together with a novel iterative SoI-contamination-aware digital SI cancellation (DSIC) algorithm that relieves the sensitivity against time variation considerably is proposed. The proposed scheme, namely Turbo DSIC, is practical in terms of training and computational complexity thanks to its two-stage structure such that complex nonlinear parameter learning (NPL) is conducted very rarely in the first stage, and linear processing is performed adaptively at symbol-rate in the second stage, where SoI is iteratively estimated at each data block and eliminated from the received signal to improve SI channel estimation accuracy. Finally, the performance of Turbo DSIC, under hardware impairments and time-varying (TV) propagation, is evaluated via both computer simulation environment and actual experimental hardware setup in terms of bit error rate (BER) and achievable information rate (AIR) metrics.
IEEE Transactions on Vehicular Technology


An Efficient Iterative SIC for Full-Duplex SC-FDE Radio under Hardware Impairments
Kurt, Anıl; Salman, Murat Babek; Güvensen, Gökhan Muzaffer (2021-06-01)
In this study, a novel iterative turbo digital self interference cancellation (DSIC) algorithm is proposed to eliminate remaining self interference (SI) signal, which is contaminated by signal of interest (SoI), subject to time varying SI channel. SoI creates a noise floor for the estimation of SI signal; hence, estimation accuracy significantly degrades. In order to improve the estimation accuracy, it is proposed that for each block, SoI is decoded via signal decomposition based on generalized memory polyn...
A High Linearity Broadband Gain Block/LNA MMIC with Diode Predistortion in GaAs pHEMT Technology
Memioglu, Onur; Gundel, Adnan (2018-11-02)
This paper presents a high linearity broadband low noise amplifier/gain-block MMIC based on shunt feedback and shunt peaking circuit technique. The design targets DC-1.0 Gift band with excellent noise figure performance. At the input a diode based predistorter is used to further enhance the lineratity of the circuit. A two-stage amplifier is implemented in 0.25 m InGaAs E/D-mode plIEMT technology demonstrates a high gain and an excellent bandwidth along with high-linearity. This amplifier topology seems an ...
High Dimensional Channel Estimation Using Deep Generative Networks
Balevi, Eren; Doshi, Akash; Jalal, Ajil; Dimakis, Alexandros; Andrews, Jeffrey G. (2021-01-01)
This paper presents a novel compressed sensing (CS) approach to high dimensional wireless channel estimation by optimizing the input to a deep generative network. Channel estimation using generative networks relies on the assumption that the reconstructed channel lies in the range of a generative model. Channel reconstruction using generative priors outperforms conventional CS techniques and requires fewer pilots. It also eliminates the need of a priori knowledge of the sparsifying basis, instead using the ...
A Novel Computational Method to Calculate Nonlinear Normal Modes of Complex Structures
Samandarı, Hamed; Ciğeroğlu, Ender (2019-01-31)
In this study, a simple and efficient computational approach to obtain nonlinear normal modes (NNMs) of nonlinear structures is presented. Describing function method (DFM) is used to capture the nonlinear internal forces under periodic motion. DFM has the advantage of expressing the nonlinear internal force as a nonlinear stiffness matrix multiplied by a displacement vector, where the off-diagonal terms of the nonlinear stiffness matrix can provide a comprehensive knowledge about the coupling between the mo...
A new real-time suboptimum filtering and prediction scheme for general nonlinear discrete dynamic systems with Gaussian or non-Gaussian noise
Demirbaş, Kerim (Informa UK Limited, 2011-01-01)
A new suboptimum state filtering and prediction scheme is proposed for nonlinear discrete dynamic systems with Gaussian or non-Gaussian disturbance and observation noises. This scheme is an online estimation scheme for real-time applications. Furthermore, this scheme is very suitable for state estimation under either constraints imposed on estimates or missing observations. State and observation models can be any nonlinear functions of the states, disturbance and observation noises as long as noise samples ...
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