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A High Linearity Broadband Gain Block/LNA MMIC with Diode Predistortion in GaAs pHEMT Technology

Memioglu, Onur
Gundel, Adnan
This paper presents a high linearity broadband low noise amplifier/gain-block MMIC based on shunt feedback and shunt peaking circuit technique. The design targets DC-1.0 Gift band with excellent noise figure performance. At the input a diode based predistorter is used to further enhance the lineratity of the circuit. A two-stage amplifier is implemented in 0.25 m InGaAs E/D-mode plIEMT technology demonstrates a high gain and an excellent bandwidth along with high-linearity. This amplifier topology seems an attractive choice 14 applications requiring wide-band, high gain, and high linearity amplification as an alternative to distributed amplifier topologies. Additionally, an excellent noise performance is achieved demonstrating < 3.5 dB noise figure in the frequency band of DC-10 Gilz. A two-stage amplifier provides 20 1.0 dB of small-signal gain with excellent linearity of output IP3 +25.0 dBm while requiring only 90 mA from a +5V supply.