© 2022 IMEKO TC6 International Conference on Metrology and Digital Transformation. All rights reserved.Providing automated and networked solutions on the cloud will remarkably facilitate ongoing digitalization efforts in Metrology and the calibration industry. The AutoRFPower application was developed to automate the RF power measurement process and uncertainty calculations. This study presents our ongoing research on moving this application to a cloud environment and adapting it to perform power sensor calibrations. The cloud-based application initiates communication with calibration equipment, transfers test points to the client computer to perform measurement activities locally, and finally transfers the measurement data back to the cloud. Uncertainty calculations are performed on the cloud by a service. The calibration process produces a digital calibration certificate again on the server-side. The structure of the cloud-based application conforms to our previously proposed Internet of Measurement Things architecture, paving the way for digitalization and standardization in Metrology and the calibration industry.
IMEKO TC6 1st International Conference on Metrology and Digital Transformation, M4Dconf 2022


Multimedia data modeling and semantic analysis by multimodal decision fusion
Güder, Mennan; Çiçekli, Fehime Nihan; Department of Computer Engineering (2015)
In this thesis, we propose a multi-modal event recognition framework based on the integration of event modeling, fusion, deep learning and, association rule mining. Event modeling is achieved through visual concept learning, scene segmentation and association rule mining. Visual concept learning is employed to reveal the semantic gap between the visual content and the textual descriptors of the events. Association rules are discovered by a specialized association rule mining algorithm where the proposed str...
ARFED: Attack-Resistant Federated averaging based on outlier elimination
Işık Polat, Ece; Polat, Gorkem; Koçyiğit, Altan (2023-04-01)
© 2022 Elsevier B.V.In federated learning, each participant trains its local model with its own data and a global model is formed at a trusted server by aggregating model updates coming from these participants. Since the server has no effect and visibility on the training procedure of the participants to ensure privacy, the global model becomes vulnerable to attacks such as data poisoning and model poisoning. Although many defense algorithms have recently been proposed to address these attacks, they often m...
Institutional Economic Approaches to Technology
Gürkan, Ceyhun; Özveren, Eyüp; Department of Science and Technology Policy Studies (2004)
By probing Thorstein B. Veblen̕s (1857-1929) and Joseph A. Schumpeter̕s (1883-1950) views on technology, this thesis aims at displaying an institutional economic approach to technology. Most of the contemporary studies on technological change are under the dominance of neoclassical economics. Because of their inadequacies in revealing the complex structure of technological phenomena due to their adherence to mechanistic and deterministic postulations of orthodox economic theory, an institutional approach to...
Pluralism in science
Bakdur, Eser; Sol, Ayhan; Department of Philosophy (2009)
This thesis investigates the determinants of financial development in Turkey. Principle Component Analysis (PCA) is employed in order to examine the main determinants of financial sector development and shed light on the structure of the financial system in Turkey. The empirical studies on financial development suffer from the measurement problem. This study aims to remedy the measurement problem by providing proxies that explain different aspects of financial development more accurately than other proxies ...
Distributed Generation Hosting Capacity Calculation of MV Distribution Feeders in Turkey
Altin, Mufit; Bizkevelci, Erdal; Oguz, Emre Utku; Simsek, Bilal (2014-10-15)
Integration of distributed generation into distribution networks introduces new challenges to distribution system operators while the penetration level increases. One of the challenges is the voltage rise issue as a part of the steady-state analysis of DGs during planning and operational stages. This issue should be analyzed in order to determine the hosting capacity of distribution feeders in the first instance. Accordingly, Turkey is a promising candidate to integrate high penetration of DGs and has recen...
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A. Çetinkaya, M. Ç. Kaya, E. Danaci, and M. H. S. Oğuztüzün, “UNCERTAINTY CALCULATION-AS-A-SERVICE: AN IIOT APPLICATION FOR AUTOMATED RF POWER SENSOR CALIBRATION,” presented at the IMEKO TC6 1st International Conference on Metrology and Digital Transformation, M4Dconf 2022, Berlin, Almanya, 2022, Accessed: 00, 2023. [Online]. Available: https://www.scopus.com/inward/record.uri?partnerID=HzOxMe3b&scp=85143197069&origin=inward.