Guanxi and Anomie in China: Cultural Underpinnings of Low Product Safety Ratings

Zengin, Kadir
As a center of global manufacturing, China is highly integrated into the global supply chain and it has great access to technical knowledge as well. However, some Chinese products in the global market still fail to meet product safety requirements. This situation raises a question about the relationship between cultural roots and low product safety ratings of China. This research examines this relationship through the anomie theory and guanxi, a type of social relationship based on reciprocal exchange of favors. The research shows how the anomic environment created by the rapid transformation of the country since 1970s corrupts the guanxi networks of the state and the business sector while affecting product safety practices.


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K. Zengin, “Guanxi and Anomie in China: Cultural Underpinnings of Low Product Safety Ratings,” M.S. - Master Of Science Without Thesis, Middle East Technical University, 2023.