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Başer, Turgut (1)
Demirbuğa, Melisa Pınar (1)
Karasu, Rojda Özden (1)
Zengin, Kadir (1)

Artificial Intelligence (1)
China (1)
elderly care (1)
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2021 - 2023 (4)

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Guanxi and Anomie in China: Cultural Underpinnings of Low Product Safety Ratings
Zengin, Kadir; Fukutomi, Satomi; Department of Asian Studies (2023-2-05)
As a center of global manufacturing, China is highly integrated into the global supply chain and it has great access to technical knowledge as well. However, some Chinese products in the global market still fail to meet pr...
A Qualitative Approach to Who Takes Care of the Old and Sick Family Member: Turkey and South Korea Context
Karasu, Rojda Özden; Ölçel , Wen Chi; Department of Asian Studies (2023-2-4)
According to Choi and Hwang, in Asian countries, particularly South Korea, there is a strong desire for having a son (Choi, Hwang, 2020:628). Turkey on the other hand is not different at all. Altındağ argues Turkey is also...
Artificial Intelligence and Social Credit System In China
Başer, Turgut; Fukutomi, Satomi; Department of Asian Studies (2022-1)
The world we are living in today feels lots of similarities to wonderlands. As American author Marshall Brain’s utopian novel, Manna, which touches upon information technology, automation, differentiating user interfaces, ...
Shinto and Politics of Japan
Demirbuğa, Melisa Pınar; Fukutomi, Satomi; Department of Asian Studies (2021-7-29)
Religion and politics have been two concepts that sometimes dominate each other and sometimes act together for the same interests. This relationship has not always been to the benefit of states and has sometimes led to con...
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