The water management infrastructure of Istanbul

Crapper, Martin
Monteleone, Maria
Crow, Jim
Özkan Aygün, Çiğdem
Vandeput, Lutgarde
Peker, Ender


The Clean Coal and Carbon Capture and Storage Technology of Turkey
Kök, Mustafa Verşan (2012-03-01)
The present study presents a draft national Clean Coal Technologies and Carbon Capture and Storage Technology Roadmap to policy makers.. Various technical and non-technical (economic and social) challenges that currently prevent clean coal technologies and carbon capture and storage from being a widely used commercial technology are discussed and the goals for each research pathway are defined. The process of creating the roadmap started with a review and assessment of the existing national and internationa...
The restoration project of Cin Kule in Payas, Antakya.
Işık, Bora; Gökce, Fuat; Restoration in Department of Architecture (2004)
The subject of this thesis is the restoration project of Cin Kule in Payas. The building is one of the unique examples of watch towers dating to 16th century -Classical Ottoman period.
The preservation and rehabilitation plan of Kuşadası-historic site dağ district.
Kırmızıoğlu, Pınar; Department of Restoration (1983)
The rehabilitation and restoration project of the Nuri Bey "Konak" in Avanos
Sayın, Saadet; Madran, Emre; Department of Restoration (1988)
The environmental regulation and restoration project of five buildings in Çerkeş
Yanık (Yenel), Aydanur; Asatekin, Gül; Department of Restoration (1987)
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