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International Spring Festival Poster (1987-2019)
The first of the METU International Spring Festival was held between the 11th and 21st of May in 1987 by International Youth Club (IYC) and the posters of the Spring Festival has started to be prepared by IYC as of this da...
Annual tree planting activity (1960s)
METU Forest, which was built in 1958, has been planted by nature lovers in the midst of the Central Anatolian steppe.
Postage stamps, IDs, envelopes
Within the scope of Visual Memory Project, which is an oral history study, interviews were made and recorded with people who had worked or had been a student in any field since the establishment of the Middle East Technica...
Rector Kemal Kurdaş Album
He is best remembered for his work to develop Middle East Technical University build a distinctive campus for it and create a forest in what was arid, eroding land. He helped found and expand a number of businesses. At the...
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