Evaluation of seismic response modification factors for steel structures

Doğruer, Alper


Evaluation of seismic performance measures for MDOF RC structures subjected to simulated and real ground motions
karimzadeh, shaghayegh; Askan Gündoğan, Ayşegül; Yakut, Ahmet (2020-10-23)
Evaluation of minimum shear reinforcement requirements for higher strength concrete
Ozcebe, G; Ersoy, U; Tankut, T (1999-05-01)
This paper presents an evaluation on the minimum shear reinforcement requirements given in the ACI, Canadian, and Turkish codes for high-strength concrete. Thirteen beams having the minimum shear reinforcement required by ACI 318-83, the Turkish Code, and the equations proposed in this paper were tested Concrete strength varied between so and 80 MPa (8700 and 11,600 psi). For high-strength concrete (f(a)' > 69 MPa), the minimum shear reinforcement requirements of the Turkish Code and ACI 318-95 are not very...
Evaluation of low-temperature test methods for elastomeric bridge bearings
Yakut, Ahmet (American Society of Civil Engineers (ASCE), 2002-01-01)
Evaluation of photovoltaic systems for voltage quality
Şengül, Deniz; Göl, Murat; Department of Electrical and Electronics Engineering (2018)
Because of the governmental incentives and developing photovoltaic technology, the distributed photovoltaic systems are populating rapidly in power systems. This rapid population brings with concerns about voltage quality of the power systems. This thesis aims to evaluate the effects of those plants to the voltage quality of power systems in terms of voltage regulation and flicker. The thesis develops a statistical analysis method by developing metrics for a photovoltaic power plant located in Ankara, using...
Evaluation of structural analysis methods used for the design of tbm segmental linings
Çimentepe, Ahmet Güray; Caner, Alp; Department of Civil Engineering (2010)
Contrary to the linings of conventionally driven tunnels, the linings of tunnels bored by tunnel boring machines (TBMs) consist of precast concrete segments which are articulated or coupled at the longitudinal and circumferential joints. There are several analytical and numerical structural analysis methods proposed for the design of TBM segmental linings. In this thesis study, different calculation methods including elastic equation method and two dimensional (2D) and three dimensional (3D) beam – spring m...
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A. Doğruer, “Evaluation of seismic response modification factors for steel structures,” Middle East Technical University, 1997.