Hydips : a hybrids neural network based diagnostic tool for perinatal surveillance.

Baykal, Nazife


HyFI: Hybrid Flow Initiation in Software Defined Networks
Soltani, Ahmad; Bazlamaçcı, Cüneyt Fehmi (2014-04-03)
Software defined networking (SDN) provides techniques to facilitate the management of computer networks in a centralized and integrated architecture by separating the control plane from the data plane in packet forwarding devices and middleboxes. By creating this abstraction layer, SDN allows control of network middleboxes remotely from a controller point, which is either connected directly (out-of-band control using dedicated links) or indirectly (in-band control using the available data network links) to ...
Connectionist multi-sequence modelling and applications to multilingual neural machine translation
Fırat, Orhan; Yarman Vural, Fatoş Tunay; Cho, Kyunghyun; Department of Computer Engineering (2017)
Deep (recurrent) neural networks has been shown to successfully learn complex mappings between arbitrary length input and output sequences, called sequence to sequence learning, within the effective framework of encoder-decoder networks. This thesis investigates the extensions of sequence to sequence models, to handle multiple sequences at the same time within a single parametric model, and proposes the first large scale connectionist multi-sequence modeling approach. The proposed multisequence modeling arch...
Neural networks with piecewise constant argument and impact activation
Yılmaz, Enes; Akhmet, Marat; Department of Scientific Computing (2011)
This dissertation addresses the new models in mathematical neuroscience: artificial neural networks, which have many similarities with the structure of human brain and the functions of cells by electronic circuits. The networks have been investigated due to their extensive applications in classification of patterns, associative memories, image processing, artificial intelligence, signal processing and optimization problems. These applications depend crucially on the dynamical behaviors of the networks. In t...
Direct perception of traversibility affordance on range images through learning on a mobile robot
Uğur, Emre; Şahin, Erol; Department of Computer Engineering (2006)
In this thesis, we studied how physical affordances of the environment, such as traversibility for a mobile robot, can be learned. In particular, we studied how the physical properties of the environment, as acquired from range images obtained from a 3D laser scanner mounted on a mobile robot platform, can specify the traversibility affordance. A physics based simulation environment is used during exploration trials, where the traversibility affordances and the relevant features for each behavior are learne...
Optimization of well placement geothermal reservoirs using artificial intelligence
Akın, Serhat; Kök, Mustafa Verşan (2010-06-01)
This research proposes a framework for determining the optimum location of an injection well using an inference method, artificial neural networks and a search algorithm to create a search space and locate the global maxima. A complex carbonate geothermal reservoir (Kizildere Geothermal field, Turkey) production history is used to evaluate the proposed framework. Neural networks are used as a tool to replicate the behavior of commercial simulators, by capturing the response of the field given a limited numb...
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N. Baykal, “Hydips : a hybrids neural network based diagnostic tool for perinatal surveillance.,” Ph.D. - Doctoral Program, Middle East Technical University, 1996.