A comparison of grindability methods for cement clinker

Hemmati, Nader


A comparison of leakage rate and leachate removal rate for the design of lined containment systems
Akgün, Haluk (1996-11-20)
The design of lining systems for the containment of liquids, for example to contain the leachate generated within a landfill, has become rather sophisticated, employing state-of-the-art technologies from such disparate disciplines such as geotechnical engineering and polymer science. The objective, and to a confident degree, the achievement, has been the prevention of contamination of groundwater and in particular surface waters that support humans and animals alike. The technology involving the design of t...
A comparison of different sewage sludges used in microbial fuel cells for energy generation
Ömeroğlu, Seçil; Sanin, Faika Dilek (null; 2016-11-07)
A comparison of particle bed breakage and rod mill grinding with regard to mineral liberation and particle shape effects
Hoşten, Çetin; Ozbay, C (1998-09-01)
Samples of a chromite ore were ground by conventional rod mill and by piston-die press. Five size fractions of products from the two comminution devices having different modes of breakage were analyzed for the percent degree of chromite liberation and particle Shape by an image analysis software. Results confirmed enhanced liberation in particle bed breakage achieved in the piston-die press. Particles ground in the rod mill had no shape differences as a function of particle size. Particle bed breakage gener...
A comparison of short and long fatigue crack growth in steel
Kaynak, Cevdet; Baker, T.J. (1996-01-01)
In this study, the growth behaviour of short fatigue cracks in En7A steel with a high content of elongated MnS inclusions has been investigated by generating and evaluating short crack growth data for the six principal specimen orientations. The anomalous initiation and growth behaviour of short cracks was also compared with that of long crack data for the same material and loading conditions determined before. This comparison revealed the sub-threshold initiation and faster growth rate of short cracks comp...
A comparison of inpainting techniques in image reanimation
Böncü, Ece Selin; Akar, Gözde (2018-05-05)
Inpainting applications include object removal on images and videos, crack filling, error concealment, texture synthesis, where in this paper, its usage for image coherence and perspective emphasis on video frames in 2D image-to-video conversion system is analysed. Besides, the performance of different techniques in object removal and image reconstruction is compared using visual experiments and quality metrics.
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N. Hemmati, “A comparison of grindability methods for cement clinker ,” Middle East Technical University, 1995.