Investigation of natural gas hydrate potential of the south Caspian Sea

Mustafayeva, Z.
Parlaktuna, Mahmut
Some unique characteristics of the Caspian Sea, especially the South Caspian Sea, such as low geothermal gradient, rapid sedimentation, a great number of mud volcanoes, suitable temperature and pressure conditions make it worth for exploration of gas hydrate potential. In this study, gas hydrate potential of the South Caspian Sea is determined within the targeted coordinates, 39°N - 50°E, 40°N - 50°E, 40°N - 52°E and 39°N - 52°E, which includes Absheron area and several mud volcanoes but excluding the parts shallower than 100 m water depth. The total area is subdivided into three categories, namely gas hydrate concentrated zone, gas hydrate bearing zone and around craters of mud volcanoes. The mean of accessible resource volume is estimated as 2.18×1012, 1.53×1014, 1.65×1010 Sm3 of gas for these three zones, respectively. The mean of total accessible resource volume of targeted areas is estimated as 1.75×1014 Sm3 of gas.
ANAS Transactions, Earth Sciences
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Z. Mustafayeva and M. Parlaktuna, “Investigation of natural gas hydrate potential of the south Caspian Sea,” ANAS Transactions, Earth Sciences, pp. 34–36, 2023, Accessed: 00, 2023. [Online]. Available: