Synthesis and characterization of b-site controlled la-based high entropy perovskite oxides

High entropy perovskite oxide materials are a highly promising class of materials with a wide range of potential applications. They offer a unique combination of perovskite oxides and high entropy oxides, making them suitable for various fields, particularly in electrochemical energy storage systems and hydrogen production. Given the growing demand for clean energy and efficient energy storage solutions, the development of high entropy materials holds great significance. In this study, a cost- effective and rapid fabrication method was employed to produce several single-phase high entropy perovskite oxides by altering the B-site cations. The results demonstrated that these high entropy perovskite oxides could be synthesized with the same crystal structure, despite having significantly different elemental compositions. These variations in elemental composition led to differences in lattice parameters, metal-oxygen bond strengths, and oxygen vacancy content within the materials. Understanding and manipulating these factors can have important implications for the design of high entropy materials for energy storage and other applications.
Journal of scientific reports-A (Online)
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İ. Yıldız, “Synthesis and characterization of b-site controlled la-based high entropy perovskite oxides,” Journal of scientific reports-A (Online), vol. 55, no. 55, pp. 124–131, 2023, Accessed: 00, 2024. [Online]. Available: