Knowledge Cohesion: Uniting Europe Through Research Networks

Akçomak, İbrahim Semih
Çetinkaya, Umut Yilmaz
Erdil, Erkan
Özcan, Müge
Research collaboration plays a pivotal role in not only disseminating existing knowledge but also catalyzing the generation of novel insights. This book delves into the benefits that arise from research collaborations, shedding light on their multifaceted impacts. It serves as a pioneering exploration into the nexus of collaboration, knowledge convergence, and knowledge cohesion, drawing extensively from the rich literature on the EU's cohesion policy and collaboration-induced knowledge diffusion.Firstly,Knowledge Cohesion: Uniting Europe Through Research Networksunravels the nuanced interplay among collaboration, knowledge convergence, and knowledge cohesion. Secondly, it carves out clear distinctions between the realms of convergence and cohesion. Lastly, it unveils an empirical framework, offering tools for quantifying and analysing knowledge cohesion. These contributions culminate in the conceptualisation of knowledge cohesion, enriching our understanding of how collaborative research profoundly impacts the advancement of knowledge. The empirical analyses show that while the research collaboration network indicates knowledge convergence, there is no evidence for knowledge cohesion in Europe.This book stands as a resource for scholars, policymakers, and practitioners alike, inviting them to explore the nuanced interplay of research collaboration and knowledge dynamics, while presenting knowledge cohesion as a new concept.
Citation Formats
İ. S. Akçomak, U. Y. Çetinkaya, E. Erdil, and M. Özcan, Knowledge Cohesion: Uniting Europe Through Research Networks. 2024.