Investigating EFL teacher candidates’ acceptance and self-perceived self-efficacy of augmented reality

Okumuş, Ayşegül
Savaş, Perihan
The mixed-methods sequential explanatory design study presented here sought to investigate the acceptance and self-perceived self-efficacy of Augmented Reality technology among English as a Foreign Language teacher candidates. This study’s contribution to the field of AR as an instructional technology lies in that research on the using AR technology in language teacher education are particularly limited. To bridge this research gap, one-group pre-test-post-test design was used in this study, in which ten weeks of AR-enhanced English language teacher training treatment was carried out. To answer the research questions, quantitative data were gathered from 50 volunteers by using the Technology Acceptance Model survey and Self-Efficacy Scale. Qualitative data were received via semi-structured interviews carried out with 12 pre-service teachers. Findings revealed that there was a significant increase in EFL teacher candidates’ levels of AR technology acceptance whereas no significant difference was identified in their self-perceived self-efficacy. The interviewees proposed interpersonal, intrapersonal, technological, and technical factors to explain their low self-efficacy levels. Based on the findings, the paper offers implications and suggestions for researchers, teacher educators, and policymakers. The solutions to increase the level of acceptance and self-perceived self-efficacy levels to use AR among EFL Teacher Candidates include courses on Emergent Technologies (ICT, MALL, CALL, AR), training via seminars, workshops, input sessions through (inter)nationally funded projects, real-life examples, field-specific samples, and hands-on experiences.
Education and Information Technologies
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A. Okumuş and P. Savaş, “Investigating EFL teacher candidates’ acceptance and self-perceived self-efficacy of augmented reality,” Education and Information Technologies, pp. 0–0, 2024, Accessed: 00, 2024. [Online]. Available: