1960 - 12 Mart 1971 Dönemi Türk Basınında Kamu Yönetimi İmajlarının Değişimi

Alkan , Türker
THE CHANGE OF THE TURKISH PUBLIC ADMINISTRATION'S IMAGE IN THE TURKISH PRESS DURING THE PERIOD OF 1960 - MARCH 12, 1971 The period of 1960-1971 is important and interesting for too many reasons. The beginning and the end of this period is marked by military interventions. Considerable industrial development, social and geographical mobility, increasing political and social organization of interest groups were distinguishing features of this era. A new constitution with classical liberties provided the means of articulation to these newly emerging forces in the society. On the other hand, the Public Administration services were not reorganized to answer these demands. Thus, the following hypothesis was proposed : The change of the Turkish Public Administration's image in the Turkish press has shown a negative trend during 1960 - March 12, 1971. The results of the research tend to verify the above hypothesis. Between Jan. 1st 1960 - May 27th 1960, the percentage of negative images in the total images was 71. Between May 27th 1960 - October 14th 1961 (the period of military administration; press was under considerable control), the percentage of negative images dropped to 69. From this period to the end of 1962 (beginning of civilian rule), negative image was 74 % . The following year, the negative image stayed in the same percentage level. In 1964, it rised to 78 % . In 1965, the percentage was 79; in 1966, 81. In 1967, with a considerable increase, it came up to 85 % . In 1968, negative image has climbed to 86 % ; in 1969, to 92 % . During the last period, 1970 - March 12, 1971, the negative percentage was 88. Then came the military intervention. Instead of developing a single image of Public Administration, some image units are taken into consideration. These image units are : productivity, impartiality of the administration, security forces, paternalism of the state, secularism, formalism of the administration, capability of civil servants, law and order, relationship of administration and intellectuals. These image units are selected because of their special relevance to the Turkish Public Administration. They may not have the same relevance in another context. The trends of change in these image units are also studied in this research. The Turkish Public Administration is studied in five groups : Central Administration, Local Administration, Universities, State Economic Enterprises, and the Orgazation of the Turkish Radio and Television Broadcasting.
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