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The outcome of the multifetal pregnancy reduction procedures in a single centre: A report of 202 completed cases
Yilanhoglu, Necip Cihangir; Semiz, Altug; Arisoy, Resul; Kahraman, Semra; Gurkan, Ali Arslan (Elsevier BV, 2018-11-01)
Objective: To review the results of fetal reduction procedures in our institution, evaluate its effects on the pregnancy outcome in terms of miscarriage, preterm delivery, taking home healthy babies and discuss the factors...
The determinants of air passenger traffic at Turkish airports
Albayrak, Muhammed Bilge Kagan; Ozcan, Ismail Cagri; Can, Raif; Dobruszkes, Frederic (Elsevier BV, 2020-07-01)
Investigating the determinants of air passenger traffic has become commonplace. In contrast with most previous publications, this paper investigates these determinants in an emerging country, Turkey, at the provincial leve...
Modeling the college application decision process in a land-grant university
DesJardins, SL; Dundar, H; Hendel, DD (1999-02-01)
Over the past two decades as student recruitment has become increasingly important, numerous studies have examined the college choice process in an attempt to identify factors influencing students' decision making. The fin...
Efficiency in the manufacturing industry of selected provinces in Turkey - A stochastic frontier analysis
Onder, AO; Deliktas, E; Lenger, A (2003-03-01)
This paper measures technical efficiency and technical and total factor productivity changes by estimating a translog stochastic frontier production function for the Turkish manufacturing industry in selected provinces. Th...
Foreign direct investment as a signal
Koska, Onur A.; Long, Ngo Van ; Staehler, Frank (2018-02-01)
This paper models oligopolistic competition among potential multinational firms in an environment of firm heterogeneity, incomplete information on costs, and strategic interactions. We show that foreign direct investment i...
Military expenditure and economic growth in Middle Eastern countries: A dynamic panel data analysis
Yildirim, J; Sezgin, S; Ocal, N (Informa UK Limited, 2005-08-01)
Defence expenditures have both costs and benefits to the economy. The costs of defence expenditures are mainly emphasized as opportunity costs. On the other hand, defence spending may have growth-promoting potential benefi...
From Stages to Varieties of Capitalism: Lessons, Limits and Prospects
Ozveren, Eyup; Havuc, Utku; Karaoguz, Emrah (2012-01-01)
The basic aim of this paper is to take a tour de force in order to put the varieties of capitalism (VoC) approach in perspective and to assess its limits and further prospects. There existed before it a certain stages-of-c...
Does Fiscal Decentralization Promote Fiscal Discipline?
Akin, Zafer; Bulut-Cevik, Zeynep B.; NEYAPTI, ŞEN BİLİN (2016-03-01)
We investigate the efficiency and equity implications of a redistributive rule that takes into account both local tax collection efforts and deviation of local incomes from respective targets under alternative fiscal mecha...
Asymmetric interest rate effects for the UK real economy
Sensier, M; Osborn, DR; Ocal, N (Wiley, 2002-09-01)
Recent literature has uncovered asymmetries in the response of real output to monetary policy variables. Nevertheless, it remains unclear whether such asymmetries relate to different responses to monetary policy or to the ...
Informality in a micro economy: Measurement, composition and consequences
Besim, Mustafa; Ekici, Tufan; Jenkins, Glenn P. (2015-09-01)
This article measures the extent of - and unrecorded income generated by - informal employment in a micro economy characterized by poor governance. Household survey and census data are used to estimate the number of inform...