Asynchronous harmonic torque effects on the torque speed curve of the squirrel cage induction motor

Ayan, Metin


Asymptotic behavior of linear impulsive integro-differential equations
Akhmet, Marat; YILMAZ, Oğuz (Elsevier BV, 2008-08-01)
Asymptotic equilibria of linear integro-differential equations and asymptotic relations between solutions of linear homogeneous impulsive differential equations and those of linear integro-differential equations are established. A new Gronwall-Bellman type lemma for integro-differential inequalities is proved. An example is given to demonstrate the validity of one of the results.
Asynchronous design of systolic array architectures in cmos
İsmailoğlu, Ayşe Neslin; Aşkar, Murat; Department of Electrical and Electronics Engineering (2008)
In this study, delay-insensitive asynchronous circuit design style has been adopted to systolic array architectures to exploit the benefits of both techniques for improved throughput. A delay-insensitivity verification analysis method employing symbolic delays is proposed for bit-level pipelined asynchronous circuits. The proposed verification method allows datadependent early output evaluation to co-exist with robust delay-insensitive circuit behavior in pipelined architectures such as systolic arrays. Reg...
Asymptotic integration of second-order nonlinear delay differential equations
Agarwal, Ravi P.; Ertem, Tuerker; Zafer, Ağacık (2015-10-01)
We study the asymptotic integration problem for second-order nonlinear delay differential equations of the form (p(t)x' (t))' q(t)x(t) = f (t, x(g(t))). It is shown that if a and v are principal and nonprincipal solutions of equation (p(t)x')' q(t)x = 0, then there are solutions x(1)(t) and x(2) (t) of the above nonlinear equation such that x(1)(t) = au(t) o(u(t)), t -> infinity and x(2)(t) = bv(t) o(v(t)), t -> infinity.
Asymptotic solution of the radial wave equation for optical fiber wavequides
Cildlr, Sema; Çakır, Serhat (2006-08-26)
In this study, analytic solutions were studied for propagation of electromagnetic waves in cylindrical fiber optic cable. An asymptotic approach was used to solve radial wave equation The solution was derived for zero order eigenvalue equation. It was found that this solution is more general than other methods. By using a computer program was obtained some diagrams for core and cladding region for different eigenvalue equations and modes.
Asymptotic integration of impulsive differential equations
Doğru Akgöl, Sibel; Ağacık, Zafer; Özbekler, Abdullah; Department of Mathematics (2017)
The main objective of this thesis is to investigate asymptotic properties of the solutions of differential equations under impulse effect, and in this way to fulfill the gap in the literature about asymptotic integration of impulsive differential equations. In this process our main instruments are fixed point theorems; lemmas on compactness; principal and nonprincipal solutions of impulsive differential equations and Cauchy function for impulsive differential equations. The thesis consists of five chapters....
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M. Ayan, “Asynchronous harmonic torque effects on the torque speed curve of the squirrel cage induction motor,” Middle East Technical University, 1994.