Environment simulator for ESM systems in unix environment

Çelik, Ediz


ŞİMŞEK, Ahmet; Yayla, Oğuz; Department of Cryptography (2021-9-7)
Hyperledger was set up with the aim of being an open-source platform targeted at accelerating industry-wide collaboration hosted by The Linux Foundation for developing robust and dependable blockchain and distributed ledger-based technological platform that may be applied across several industry sectors to improve the efficiency, performance, and transactions of different business operations. Various distributed ledger frameworks and libraries have been developed for this purpose. In this thesis, the Ursa c...
Object-oriented software design and implementation of a real-time telecommunications controller
Ün, Mehmet; Bilgen, Semih; Department of Electrical and Electronics Engineering (1991)
Software development on a microprocessor based two-axis CNC system
User, A. Murat; Eskicioğlu, Hakkı; Department of Mechanical Engineering (1987)
Abstraction-based supervisory control for recon-gurable manufacturing systems ?
Khalid, Harith M.; Kirik, Mustafa Sancay; Schmidt, Klaus Verner (2013-10-21)
Reconfiguration control for discrete event systems (DES) is concerned with the realization of different system configurations by modification of the supervisory control loop. In this paper, we study the reconfiguration supervisor design for reconfigurable manufacturing systems (RMS) that comprise multiple components. We construct a modular supervisor for each configuration and system component in order to realize each active configuration and to quickly change between configurations. Different from the exis...
Controller synthesis for an I/O-based hierarchical system architecture
Perk, Sebastian; Moor, Thomas; Schmidt, Klaus Verner (2008-10-08)
In our previous work, a framework for the hierarchical design of discrete event systems has been introduced that is based on a notion of inputs and outputs. I/O-plant models describe the interaction of each subsystem with the operator (or controller) and the environment. By alternation of subsystem composition and controller synthesis, a hierarchy of controllers is obtained that complements a hierarchy of environment models. An admissibility condition was presented that implies liveness while allowing for a...
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E. Çelik, “Environment simulator for ESM systems in unix environment,” Middle East Technical University, 1997.