Cartan ideal, prolongation and backlund transformations for Einsteins equations.

Bilge, Ayşe Hümeyra


Cloning, expression and sequencing of citrate synthase from thermoplasma volcanium
Çekiç, Çağlar; Kocabıyık, Semra; Department of Biotechnology (2004)
In this study first time, we have cloned and sequenced the citrate synthase gene from a thermoacidophilic archaeon Thermoplasma (Tp.) volcanium (Optimum growth temperature of Tp.volcanium is 60oC and optimum pH is 2.0.). For cloning we have followed a PCR based approach. Amplification of citrate synthase gene from chromosomal DNA of Tp.volcanium yielded a product of 1476 bp containing an open reading frame of 1161 bp comprising the structural gene. After ligation of the PCR amplicon to pDrive vector through...
Cartan matrices and integrable lattice Toda field equations
Habibullin, Ismagil; Zheltukhın, Kostyantyn; Yangubaeva, Marina (IOP Publishing, 2011-11-18)
Differential-difference integrable exponential-type systems are studied corresponding to the Cartan matrices of semi-simple or affine Lie algebras. For the systems corresponding to the algebras A(2), B(2), C(2), G(2), the complete sets of integrals in both directions are found. For the simple Lie algebras of the classical series A(N), B(N), C(N) and affine algebras of series D(N)((2)), the corresponding systems are supplied with the Lax representation.
Conformal black hole solutions of axidilaton gravity in D dimensions
Cebeci, H; Dereli, T (2002-02-15)
Static, spherically symmetric solutions of axidilaton gravity in D dimensions are given in the Brans-Dicke frame for arbitrary values of the Brans-Dicke constant omega and an axion-dilaton coupling parameter k. The mass and the dilaton and axion charges are determined and a BPS bound is derived. There exists a one-parameter family of black hole solutions in the scale-invariant limit.
Stochastic Hybrid Systems of Financial and Economical Processess: Identificatied, Optimized and Controlled
Weber, Gerhard Wilhelm; Yolcu Okur, Yeliz; Yerlikaya Özkurt, Fatma; Kuter, Semih; Özmen, Ayşe; Karimov, Azar(2013-12-31)
This research project will scientifically broaden, deepen and apply a scientific unified approach of both identification and optimal control of Stochastic Differential Equations with Jumps (SHSJs), motivated by and foreseen for purposes of financial mathematics and actuarial sciences. SHSJs and further structured and detailed models are in the scope of our framework, and special interests pursued consisted in a. refinement of Parameter Estimation for SDEs and b. Portfolio Optimization and, as a future exten...
Classification of Almost Completely Decomposable Groups
Solak, Ebru(2018-12-31)
Almost completely decomposable (acd) gruplar torsiyonsuz degismeli gruplardır. Bu nedenle acd grupları sonlu boyutlu Q-vektör uzaylarının toplamsal alt grupları olarak düşünebiliriz.Acd gruplarla ile ilgili hesaplamalar zor olduğundan çalışması ve sınıflandırması zordur. Bu grupların ayrışımı ve sınıflandırması ile ilgili ilk çalışmalar L.Lady tarafından 1970’li yıllarda yapılmıştır. Hemen hemen ayrışan (acd) gruplar torsiyonsuz değişmeli gruplar teorisinin önemli bir araştırma koludur. Hemen hemen ayrışan ...
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A. H. Bilge, “Cartan ideal, prolongation and backlund transformations for Einsteins equations.,” Ph.D. - Doctoral Program, Middle East Technical University, 1985.