Two dimensional systems in solid state physics

Katırcıoğlu, Şenay


High temperature chemistry of some borophosphates, phase relations and structural studies
Seyyidoğlu, Semih; Kızılyallı, Meral; Department of Chemistry (2003)
The solid state, hydrothermal and flux methods were used for the investigation of alkaline earth and transition metal borophosphate compounds. The products and the phase relations were investigated by XRD, IR, DTA, and EDX methods. The solid state reactions of several boron compounds with different phosphating agents have been studied in the temperature range of 400-1200 oC. Hydrothermal and flux techniques were performed at 150 oC and 1200 oC, respectively. On the other hand, an attempt has been made to pr...
Description of the elctronic structure of solids by the recursion method
El Hasan, Musa; Tomak, Mehmet; Department of Physics (1987)
Functional Mesh Model with Temporal Measurements for Brain Decoding
Onal, Itir; Ozay, Mete; Yarman Vural, Fatoş Tunay (2015-08-29)
We propose a method called Functional Mesh Model with Temporal Measurements (FMM-TM) to estimate a functional relationship among voxels using temporal data, and employ these relationships for brain decoding. For each sample, we measure Blood Oxygenation Level Dependent (BOLD) responses from each voxel, and construct a functional mesh around each voxel (called seed voxel) with its nearest neighbors selected using distance metrics namely Pearson correlation, cosine similarity and Euclidean distance. Then, we ...
A dynamic theory for polarizable and magnetizable magneto-elctro thermo-visco-elastic anisotropic solids with thermal and electrical conduction
Ersoy, Yaşar; Kıral, Erhan; Department of Engineering Sciences (1976)
Variations Of Choroidal And Retinal Thickness Measurements Analyzed By Enhanced Depth Imaging Optical Coherence Tomography In Uveitis
Gurses, Ozlem; Karaismailoglu, Eda (2016-09-01)
Purpose : Choroidal thickness (CT) is considered a promising parameter to monitor the severity of inflammation. We hypothesize that inflammation of the iris and ciliary body in anterior uveitis might affect the CT, and inflammation of the choroid in intermediate, posterior and panuveitis might affect the retinal thickness.(RT) Methods : Prospective case-control study of 32 eyes with anterior, 5 eyes with intermediate, 24 eyes with posterior, 24 eyes with panuveitis, and 51 control eyes were performed with ...
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Ş. Katırcıoğlu, “Two dimensional systems in solid state physics,” Ph.D. - Doctoral Program, Middle East Technical University, 1987.