Satellite observations of diffuse cosmic gamma rays above 35 MEV.

Özel, M. Emin


Radiation environment predictions for the IMECE satellite and G4Beamline simulations for the METU-DBL Project
Yiğitoğlu, Merve; Demirköz, Melahat Bilge; Department of Physics (2017)
IMECE Satellite will be an Earth observation satellite in Low Earth Orbit (LEO) planned for launch after 2020. Electronic components of the IMECE Satellite will be exposed to a radiation environment in its orbit in space which consists mostly of relativistic charged particles. This radiation environment which can affect the performance and reliability of sensitive materials and electronics is studied using the SPENVIS program. After simulating the space radiation environment, sensitive electronic components...
Changing context of Olympic victor statues in Greece and Rome
Köseoğlu, Ayça; Güven, Suna Naziyet; Department of History of Architecture (2012)
The aim of the thesis is to investigate the standing of Olympic victor statues in Greece and Rome. The major focus is on how the meaning and the perception of the statues become transformed in different contexts. Throughout the study the reception alongside the location and meaning of athletic sculpture are primary points of concern. The standing of the patron and the viewer with respect to transformed models and their perception in relation to context constitute a significant part while formal details of a...
Privacy preserving database external layer construction algorithm via secure decomposition for attribute-based security policies
Turan, Uğur; Toroslu, İsmail Hakkı; Kantarcıoğlu, Murat; Department of Computer Engineering (2018)
Relational DBMS’scontinue to dominate th emarket an dinference problem on external schema has preserved its importance in terms of data privacy. Especially for the last 10 years, external schema construction for application-specific database usage has increased its independency from the conceptual schema, as the definitions and implementations of views and procedures have been optimized. After defining all mathematical background, this work offers an optimized decomposition strategy for the external schema, wh...
Comparative statistical microarray analysis of yeast data under heat shock stress
Varol, Duygu; Purutçuoğlu Gazi, Vilda; Yılmaz, Remziye; Department of Statistics (2014)
The microarray technology is one of the widely used experimental methods in biological and biochemical sciences. By this innovation, a number of genes can be analyzed simultaneously by means of statistical methods. Hereby in this study we analyze a new one-channel microarray dataset that is measured to investigate the changes in heat shock stress of yeast. The data that are generated in the Molecular Biology and Biotechnology R-D Center at the Middle East Technical University has not been evaluated yet in d...
AKTÜRK, ÖZGÜR; Doyuran, Vedat (2011-06-25)
In heavily settled areas, deformations induced by the tunnel excavation may cause serious damage to nearby structures. Therefore, it is necessary to study effective means of controlling tunnel induced deformations. The main parameters affecting the failure and deformation state of the soil around a circular underground opening are the physical characteristics of the soil, the diameter of the opening, and the support pressure. In this study, 3-Dimensional (3D) FDM analyses were conducted to assess tunneling ...
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M. E. Özel, “Satellite observations of diffuse cosmic gamma rays above 35 MEV.,” Ph.D. - Doctoral Program, Middle East Technical University, 1977.