Micro plastic strain energy criterion applied to reversed notched fatigue.

Gürses, Deniz


Micro plastic strain enrgy criterion applied to reversed biaxial fatique.
Damalı, Atom; Esin, Alp; Department of Mechanical Engineering (1975)
Electrical impedance tomography using induced currents.
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Material characterization at high strain rates using modified taylor impact test and velocity interferometry
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Metallic materials in aerospace structures are exposed to impact type loads depending on their usage area. High strain rate material characterization of metallic materials is very crucial to properly prepare finite element models to be used in impact loading situations. Johnson-Cook material model is a suitable material model to represent the behaviour of metallic materials at high strain rates. In the present thesis study, parameters of the Johnson-Cook material model for Al 7075-T651 are determined utiliz...
Studies of waterflooding in low-permeable chalk by use of X-ray CT scanning [J. Pet. Sci. Eng. 32 (2001) 1-10]
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The Pippard relations have been reformulated in terms of the spectroscopic parameters and applied to the NH4Cl system in the vicinity of its lambda-transition. We have effectively tested some of these relations in an earlier study where we have used, for the frequency shift, data for the nu5 lattice mode of NH4Cl. Here, using our observed frequency shifts for the internal mode, nu2 of NH4+, we have obtained a good fit to the Pippard relations for temperatures below T(lambda) for the NH4Cl system. We have th...
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D. Gürses, “Micro plastic strain energy criterion applied to reversed notched fatigue.,” Ph.D. - Doctoral Program, Middle East Technical University, 1977.