Genetic classification of the SE Turkey crude oils and delinneation of source rock types with the use of biological markers

Gürgey, Kadir


Uncertainty evaluation through ranking of simulation models for bozova oil field
Tonga, Melek Mehlika; Akın, Serhat; Department of Petroleum and Natural Gas Engineering (2011)
Producing since 1995, Bozova Field is a mature oil field to be re-evaluated. When evaluating an oil field, the common approach followed in a reservoir simulation study is: Generating a geological model that is expected to represent the reservoir; building simulation models by using the most representative dynamic data; and doing sensitivity analysis around a best case in order to get a history-matched simulation model. Each step deals with a great variety of uncertainty and changing one parameter at a time ...
Targeted liposomes for cell death imaging and amplified drug delivery
RİCE, Douglas; Türkyılmaz, Serhan; PALUMBO, Rachael; HARMATYS, Kara; SMİTH, Bradley D (2013-03-02)
The goal is to develop liposomes that have selective affinity for dead and dying cells, and then use the liposomes as targeted imaging agents for rapidly assessing the efficacy of anticancer therapies. A subsequent application is to use the liposomes to deliver anticancer drugs to tumors and initiate cell death processes that amplify the liposome targeting at later time points in the therapy. The liposome surface is decorated with 2% Zn-DPA-PEG2000-PE, an anchored phospholipid with an extended polyethylene ...
Managed pressure drilling techniques, equipment & applications
Tercan, Erdem; Kök, Mustafa Verşan; Department of Petroleum and Natural Gas Engineering (2010)
In the most of the drilling operations it is obvious that a considerable amount of money is spent for drilling related problems; including stuck pipe, lost circulation, and excessive mud cost. In order to decrease the percentage of non-productive time (NPT) caused by these kind of problems, the aim is to control annular frictional pressure losses especially in the fields where pore pressure and fracture pressure gradient is too close which is called narrow drilling window. If we can solve these problems, th...
Discourse on democracy: the Turkish debate between 1945-1950.
Üstüner, Fahriye; Tünay, Muharrem; Department of Public Administration (1993)
Geology, petrography and geochemistry of Ekecikdağ plutonic rocks (Aksaray Region-Central Anatolia)
Türeli, T Kemal; Göncüoğlu, Mehmet Cemal; Department of Geological Engineering (1991)
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K. Gürgey, “Genetic classification of the SE Turkey crude oils and delinneation of source rock types with the use of biological markers,” Ph.D. - Doctoral Program, Middle East Technical University, 1991.