Motion compensated hybrid image sequence coding for videophone applications.

Öner, Mehmet


Motion optimization of manipulators with extra degrees of freedom.
Yahşi, Selçuk; Department of Mechanical Engineering (1978)
Motion compensated three dimensional wavelet transform based video compression and coding
Biçer, Aydın; Ünver, Baki Zafer; Department of Electrical and Electronics Engineering (2005)
In this thesis, a low bit rate video coding system based on three-dimensional (3-D) wavelet coding is studied. In addition to the initial motivation to make use of the motion compensated wavelet based coding schemes, the other techniques that do not utilize the motion compensation in their coding procedures have also been considered on equal footing. The 3-D wavelet transform (WT) algorithm is based on the أgroup of framesؤ (GOF) concept. The group of eight frames are decomposed both temporally and spatiall...
Motion Control of a Spatial Elastic Manipulator in the Presence of Measurement Noises
Kilicaslan, Sinan; İder, Sıtkı Kemal; Özgören, Mustafa Kemal (2021-07-01)
This paper presents a method for the end effector motion control of a spatial three-link robot having elastic second and third links including measurement noises. In the derivation of equations of motion, not to face with complex equations of motion, each link is modeled as though the links are not connected and the restrictions on the links due to connecting them by joints are written as constraint equations. After that the Lagrange multipliers are eliminated and the constraint equations at the acceleratio...
Depth assisted object segmentation in multi-view video
Cigla, Cevahir; Alatan, Abdullah Aydın (2008-01-01)
In this work, a novel and unified approach for multi-view video (MVV) object segmentation is presented. In the first stage, a region-based graph-theoretic color segmentation algorithm is proposed, in which the popular Normalized Cuts segmentation method is improved with some modifications on its graph structure. Segmentation is obtained by recursive bi-partitioning of a weighted graph of an initial over-segmentation mask. The available segmentation mask is also utilized during dense depth map estimation ste...
Phase locked dielectric resonator oscillator design and fabrication for receiver systems
Köksal, Remzi; Koç, Seyit Sencer; Department of Electrical and Electronics Engineering (2016)
Oscillators play an important role in transmitters and receivers. In these systems, stable frequency source and low phase noise are critical for system performance. In radio frequencies, phase locked dielectric resonator oscillators are one of the best options in terms of cost, dimension, and performance. These oscillators are widely used in systems such as RADAR, electronic warfare, and communication. In this thesis, design methodology of phase locked dielectric resonator oscillator is given, an oscillator...
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M. Öner, “Motion compensated hybrid image sequence coding for videophone applications.,” Middle East Technical University, 1992.