Crack problems in a functionally graded layer under thermal stresses

Dağ, Serkan


Crack problem for a functionally graded layer on an elastic foundation
Kadıoğlu, Fevzi Suat; Yahşi, Selçuk (1998-01-01)
In this paper internal and edge crack problems for an FGM layer attached to an elastic foundation are considered. This model can be used to simulate circumferential crack problem for a thin walled cylinder. It is assumed that the mechanical properties of the layer are varying in thickness direction. Crack is assumed to be perpendicular to the surfaces. For this geometry stress intensity factors are calculated for a number of different crack surface tractions. By using the calculated stress intensity factors...
Crack propagation in fatigue specimens containing elliptical hole.
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Crack propagation modeling in rocks and its application to indentation problems
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Crack growth tests at 150-degrees-C under constant load conditions were performed on compact tension specimens of 7050-T73651 aluminium alloy. The d.c. potential drop method was employed to monitor crack lengths throughout the tests. Fracture mechanics parameters such as the stress intensity factor (K) and energy-rate line integral (C*) were used to establish correlation with the crack propagation rates. As a result of experiments it was found that crack growth rates (da/dt) versus K, over discrete ranges o...
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S. Dağ, “Crack problems in a functionally graded layer under thermal stresses,” Middle East Technical University, 1997.