A Mixed model line sequencing problem with makespan minimization.

Soylu, Banu


A Project payment scheduling problem with discounted cash flows
Cömert, Alican; Azizoğlu, Meral; Department of Industrial Engineering (2014)
In this study we consider a project payment model with discounted cash flows. We assume that the client payment times are defined in the project contract. The activities are characterized by their processing times and costs that are incurred at their completions. Our problem is to find the client payment amounts and activity completion times so as to minimize the net present value of the client payments and activity costs. We show that the problem is strongly NP-hard. We formulate the problem as a mixed int...
A min-max vehicle routing problem with split delivery and heterogeneous demand
Yakici, Ertan; Karasakal, Orhan (2013-10-01)
In this article, we introduce a new variant of min-max vehicle routing problem, where various types of customer demands are satisfied by heterogeneous fleet of vehicles and split delivery of services is allowed. We assume that vehicles may serve one or more types of service with unlimited service capacity, and varying service and transfer speed. A heuristic solution approach is proposed. We report the solutions for several test problems.
A minisum location problem with regional demand considering farthest Euclidean distances
DİNLER, DERYA; Tural, Mustafa Kemal (2016-06-01)
We consider a continuous multi-facility location-allocation problem that aims to minimize the sum of weighted farthest Euclidean distances between (closed convex) polygonal and/or circular demand regions, and facilities they are assigned to. We show that the single facility version of the problem has a straightforward second-order cone programming formulation and can therefore be efficiently solved to optimality. To solve large size instances, we adapt a multi-dimensional direct search descent algorithm to ...
A Resource Constrained Project Scheduling Problem With Multi-Modes
Altintas, Cansu; Azizoğlu, Meral (2020-01-01)
In this study, the authors consider a project scheduling problem with a single non-renewable resource. The authors assume that the resource is released at scheduled times and specified quantities and the resource is consumed at activity completion. The activities can be processed at different modes where a mode is defined by a processing time and a resource requirement amount. The problem is to select the modes and timings of the activities so as to minimize the project completion time. The authors give a m...
A heterogeneous fleet liner ship scheduling problem with port time uncertainty
Gürel, Sinan (Springer Science and Business Media LLC, 2019-12-01)
We deal with a schedule design problem for a heterogeneous fleet liner shipping service under uncertain waiting and handling times at ports. In a liner shipping service, longer than expected waiting and handling times at a port may cause a delay from scheduled departure time. We consider the problem to find the departure times at ports and sailing times of ships between ports so that the total fuel burn is minimized while targeted overall service level (a performance measure based on on-time departure proba...
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B. Soylu, “A Mixed model line sequencing problem with makespan minimization.,” Middle East Technical University, 2002.