The Effect of program continuity on memory for and attitude toward advertisements

Akyamaç, Orkide Deniz
his study aimed to find out the effect of program continuity on the attitude toward and memory for advertisements. In the present study, program continuity was manipulated experimentally, by using the very same music program as either top 10 (continuous) or as regular (discontinuous). In the light of Kennedy's (1971) proposition that audience drive for closure (desire to end the program) would interfere with memory for commercial material, it was hypothesized that advertisements embedded in a continuous program as opposed to a discontinuous program would be less effective because of the irritation caused by the need for continuation. During the present analysis, two other variables were added to the manipulation; the effect of a general attitude toward advertisements and the effect ofIV the belief in ad vertisement- product correspondence. 91 undergraduate students from METU participated in the experiment. Data were gathered by administering three different attitude scales and three different memory tests. The results of the present study only partially confirmed the hypotheses. As expected, the group that watched the continuous program elicited a higher level of program-induced need for continuation and was more irritated by the commercial break. No differences were found between groups in terms of their attitude toward and recognition of advertisements, as a function of the program watched. However, contrary to our expectations, better recall was associated with the group that watched the continuous program A belief in advertisement- product correspondence was also associated with better recall. An interaction effect of program type and belief in advertisement- product correspondence on the recall of embedded advertisements was found. The implications of the findings were discussed.


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O. D. Akyamaç, “The Effect of program continuity on memory for and attitude toward advertisements,” M.S. - Master of Science, Middle East Technical University, 2002.