Spiraling flow through an eccentric annulus.

Çelebioğlu, Tevfik Kutay


Normal wave modes in a two-layer model of the cilician basin.
Kızılkaya, Erol; Department of Marine Sciences (1983)
Radial excitations of the decuplet baryons
Alıyev, Tahmasıb; Sundu Pamuk, Hayriye (2017-04-10)
The ground and first excited states of the decuplet baryons are studied using the two-point QCD sum rule approach. The mass and residue of these states are computed and compared with the existing experimental data and other theoretical predictions. The results for the masses of the ground state particles as well as the excited Delta and Sigma* states are in good consistency with experimental data. Our results on the excited Xi* and Omega(-) states reveal that the experimentally poorly known Xi(1950) and Ome...
Radial oscillation of nonhomogeneous cylindrical and sherical shells of arbitrary wall-thickness subjected to lateral pressure.
Al, Ayşe; Department of Engineering Sciences (1974)
Kırbıyık, H (1989-03-01)
Radial motion of highly conducting sphere in magnetic field
Gurcan, OD; Mirnov, VV; Ucer, D (2000-05-01)
Radial motion of a highly conducting sphere in external magnetic field is considered. It both perturbs the external magnetic field and generates an electric field. Exact analytic solution has been obtained previously for a uniformly expanding sphere. In the present paper a new exact solution is derived which is valid not only for expansion but for contraction as well. It allows us to calculate analytically the total electromagnetic energy irradiated by the sphere involved in periodical radial motion with ar...
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T. K. Çelebioğlu, “Spiraling flow through an eccentric annulus.,” Middle East Technical University, 2002.