Monitoring changes in surface mining area by using spot satellite images.

Erdoğan, Nuray


Monitoring Changes in Surface Mining Area by Using SPOT Satellite Images
Demirel, Nuray; Akyürek, Sevda Zuhal (2003-07-24)
Monitoring Bülbülderesi and Bakacak landslides with photogrammetric techniques
Muratoğlu, Bükay; Süzen, Mehmet Lütfi; Department of Geological Engineering (2009)
Every year, thousands of people all over the world are loosing their lives in natural disasters. As a second most widespread hazard, landslides are still a disaster problem for Turkey. The long-term monitoring studies of instability phenomena have a paramount importance for Turkey to reduce its both direct and indirect effects. The objective of this thesis is to monitor the activity of the Bülbülderesi and Bakacak landslides in Asarsuyu Catchment for 42 years period by the digital aerial photogrammetric tec...
Monitoring the Overburden Excavation Stripping in Open Cast Mines by Using GIS and RS
Demirel, Nuray; Akyürek, Sevda Zuhal (2002-10-10)
Detecting land use changes at urban fringe using GIS and remote sensing technologies
Aşık, Özlem; Türker, Mustafa; Türel, Ali; Department of Geodetic and Geographical Information Technologies (2001)
Monitoring urban traffic from floating car data (fcd): using speed or a los-based state measure
Altıntaşı, Oruç; Tüydeş Yaman, Hediye; Tuncay, Kağan (Springer, Cham, 2019-01-01)
Floating Car Data (FCD) has an important traffic data source due to its lower cost and higher coverage despite its reliability problems. FCD obtained from GPS equipped vehicles can provide speed data for many segments in real-time, as provided by Be-Mobile for urban regions in Turkey. Though only providing speed per consecutive road segments, FCD is a great data source to visualize urban traffic state, in the absence of any other traffic data source, which is the focus of this study. After evaluation of var...
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N. Erdoğan, “Monitoring changes in surface mining area by using spot satellite images.,” Middle East Technical University, 2002.