Thermal behaviour of electrical insulators

Özkan, Mustafa
High voltage insulators are always subjected to pollution during service. Depending upon the atmospheric conditions, there is an increase in leakage current along the contaminated surface of the insulator, which eventually leads to a rise in temperature. Therefore the performance of a contaminated high voltage insulator is quite different from the one under pollution free conditions. This study deals with the evaluation of electric potential and temperature distribution along the surface of an outdoor post type silicone rubber insulator, which is covered with a uniform pollution layer. The analysis is carried out through computer simulations using finite element software. The different factors affecting the electric potential and temperature distribution along the insulator surface are investigated. From the simulation results, the most probable location of the dry-band formation along the insulator surface can be predicted.
Citation Formats
M. Özkan, “Thermal behaviour of electrical insulators,” M.S. - Master of Science, Middle East Technical University, 2002.