Automated porosity measurement using image analysis techniques.

Hatiboğlu, Can Ulaş


Automated Sizing of Truss Structures Using a Computationally Improved SOPT Algorithm
Hasançebi, Oğuzhan (2013-06-01)
The present study attempts to apply an efficient yet simple optimization (SOPT) algorithm to optimum design of truss structures under stress and displacement constraints. The computational efficiency of the technique is improved through avoiding unnecessary analyses during the course of optimization using the so-called upper bound strategy (UBS). The efficiency of the UBS integrated SOPT algorithm is evaluated through benchmark sizing optimization problems of truss structures and the numerical results are r...
Automated Image Processing for Scratch Detection on Specular Surfaces
Okbay, Volkan; Akar, Gözde; Yaman, Ulaş (null; 2018-10-26)
Automated image processing for scratch detection on specular surfaces
Okbay, Volkan; Akar, Gözde; Department of Electrical and Electronics Engineering (2018)
In industry, problems due to human error, mechanical flaws and transportation may occur; besides, they need to be detected in fast and efficient ways. In order to eliminate failure of human inspection, automated systems come in action, usually image processing involved. This thesis work, targets one common mass production problem on specular surfaces, i.e. scratch detection. To achieve this, we have implemented two different prototypes. The low-cost system is based on basic line detection, and the mid-end s...
Automated detection of discontinuity properties using terrestrial laser scanning data
Ünlüsoy, Deniz; Süzen, Mehmet Lütfi; Department of Geological Engineering (2020-12-24)
Traditional ground surveying methods for the determination of rock mass discontinuity characteristics are costly and time consuming when large survey areas are involved. In addition, some rock mass surfaces cannot be observed with ground, airborne, or satellite surveying methods. Terrestrial laser scanning offers new avenues in fieldwork, making the acquisition of large amounts of survey data possible. However, there is a need for new approaches and accompanying software for the analysis of such data....
Automated classification of remote sensing images using multileveled MobileNetV2 and DWT techniques
Karadal, Can Haktan; Kaya, Muhammed Çağrı; Tuncer, Turker; Dogan, Sengul; Acharya, U. Rajendra (2021-12-15)
Automated classification of remote sensing images is one of the complex issues in robotics and machine learning fields. Many models have been proposed for remote sensing image classification (RSIC) to obtain high classification performance. The objective of this study are twofold. First, to create a new space object image collection as such a dataset is not currently available. Second, propose a novel RSIC model to yield highest classification performance using our newly created dataset. Our presented autom...
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C. U. Hatiboğlu, “Automated porosity measurement using image analysis techniques.,” M.S. - Master of Science, Middle East Technical University, 2002.