Modeling the effect of promotions on the supply chain of fast moving consumer goods

Bölükbaşı, Bahadır


Analysis and Control of Complex Flows in U-Bends using Computational Fluid Dynamics
Guden, Yigitcan; Yavuz, Mehmet Metin (2014-08-07)
Analysis and control of flow structure in U-bends are crucial since U-bends are used in many different engineering applications. As a flow parameter in U-bends, the ratio of inertial and centrifugal forces to viscous forces is called as Dean number. The increase of Dean number destabilizes the flow and leads to a three-dimensional flow consisting of stream wise parallel counter-rotating vortices (Dean vortices) stacked along the curved wall. Due to the curvature in U-bends, the flow development involves com...
Comparison of image matching algorithms on satellite images taken in different seasons
Yıldırım, İrem; Demirtaş, Fatih; Gülmez, Baran; Leloğlu, Uğur Murat; Yaman, Mustafa; Güneyi, Eylem Tuğçe (null; 2019-04-27)
Image matching, which aims to find the corresponding points in different images, is an important process which is used in various vision-based applications in military, industrial, remote sensing and security systems. Some applications require accurate matching across images taken at different times of the year to be reliable and reusable. Although many detection and description methods are used for image matching, it is important to correctly determine the most robust method for such changes. In this paper...
Observation of Transparency of Erbium-doped Silicon nitride in photonic crystal nanobeam cavities
Gong, Yiyang; Makarova, Maria; Yerci, Selcuk; Yerci, Selçuk; Stevens, Martin J.; BAEK, Burm; NAM, Sae Woo; Dal Negro, Luca; Vuckovic, Jelena (2010-06-21)
One dimensional nanobeam photonic crystal cavities are fabricated in an Er-doped amorphous silicon nitride layer. Photoluminescence from the cavities around 1.54 mu m is studied at cryogenic and room temperatures at different optical pump powers. The resonators demonstrate Purcell enhanced absorption and emission rates, also confirmed by time resolved measurements. Resonances exhibit linewidth narrowing with pump power, signifying absorption bleaching and the onset of stimulated emission in the material at ...
An institutional assessment of world bank projects for effective provision of urban services
Albayrak, Turgay; Kayasü, Serap; Department of City and Regional Planning (2009)
The main aim of this thesis is to assess the institutional arrangements shaped with a perspective of “good governance” in provision of urban services with reference to the shift of the World Bank’s approach to the problem of poverty after 1990s. In spite of the change in the World Bank’s perspective, there remain significant problems related with the expected reflection of these institutional arrangements to the practice through certain process and stages of the implemented projects. Regarding this fact, th...
Fuzzy logic guidance system design for guided missiles
Vural, A. Özgür; Özgören, Mustafa Kemal; Merttopçuoğlu, Osman; Department of Mechanical Engineering (2003)
This thesis involves modeling, guidance, control, and flight simulations of a canard controlled guided missile. The autopilot is designed by a pole placement technique. Designed autopilot is used with the guidance systems considered in the thesis. Five different guidance methods are applied in the thesis, one of which is the famous proportional navigation guidance. The other four guidance methods are different fuzzy logic guidance systems designed considering different types of guidance inputs. Simulations ...
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B. Bölükbaşı, “Modeling the effect of promotions on the supply chain of fast moving consumer goods,” M.S. - Master of Science, Middle East Technical University, 2003.