An institutional assessment of world bank projects for effective provision of urban services

Albayrak, Turgay
The main aim of this thesis is to assess the institutional arrangements shaped with a perspective of “good governance” in provision of urban services with reference to the shift of the World Bank’s approach to the problem of poverty after 1990s. In spite of the change in the World Bank’s perspective, there remain significant problems related with the expected reflection of these institutional arrangements to the practice through certain process and stages of the implemented projects. Regarding this fact, thesis seeks to determine not only the reasons of these problems but also ways for solving them to attain effective provision of urban services. In this thesis, also, as an institutional comparative assessment, some implemented service projects of the World Bank in Turkey are examined by stressing on the institutional dimension of the project objectives. At last, thesis makes suggestions about the unsuccessful dimensions and reveals the roles of institutions in the achievement of projects by using the institutional assessment method for the institutions whose institutional capacity has been developed or the institutions created within the World Bank projects implemented in Turkey. This will be achieved by the evaluations on projects with the outputs of institutional assessment and the research on factors for the achievement of the projects. The results obtained with this thesis study are noteworthy for the evaluation with a new perspective of the projects implemented in Turkey not only by the World Bank but also by other international institutions quite increased in number in recent years.
Citation Formats
T. Albayrak, “An institutional assessment of world bank projects for effective provision of urban services,” Ph.D. - Doctoral Program, Middle East Technical University, 2009.