A Survey Of First Order Linear Partial Differential Equations

Nasser, Farhat


A Survey of ordinary differential equations
Pekdağlı, Çiğdem; Güler, Yurdahan; Department of Physics (1997)
A Survey on Oscillation of Impulsive Ordinary Differential Equations
Agarwal, Ravi P.; KARAKOÇ, FATMA; Zafer, Ağacık (Springer Science and Business Media LLC, 2010-01-01)
This paper summarizes a series of results on the oscillation of impulsive ordinary differential equations. We consider linear, half-linear, super-half-linear, and nonlinear equations. Several oscillation criteria are given. The Sturmian comparison theory for linear and half linear equations is also included.
A Numerical study of second order time stepping methods for the boussinesq equations
Demir, Medine; Kaya Merdan, Songül (null; 2018-10-21)
The Boussinesq approximation is a way to solve nonisothermall flow such as natural convection prob-lems, without having to solve for the full compressible formulation of the Navier-Stokes equations.Natural convection is related with an increasing number of fields including oceanography, meteorol-ogy and geophysical context [1, 2, 4]. Moreover, because of its presence both in nature and engi-neering applications, it has highly taken attention from academic societies. The accurate and efficientnumerical solu...
A survey on the numerical solutions of partial differential equations.
Yazgan, Kaya; Department of Electrical Engineering (1973)
A study on the problem of logical constants and the problem's solution criteria
Mithatova, Myunteha F; Grünberg, Teo; Department of Philosophy (2008)
In this thesis I study the problem of logical constants with respect to logical truth and logical consequence. In order to do that, I focused on the following two questions. First, what is a logical constant and what kind of relation there is between a logical truth, logical consequence and logical constant? Second, what are the solutions to the problem and to what extent these criteria can solve it? The main argument of my thesis is to determine that all of the examined systems are satisfactory to consider...
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F. Nasser, “A Survey Of First Order Linear Partial Differential Equations,” Middle East Technical University, 1989.