Information technology, workplace organization and demand for new kinds of skill

Gürsoy, Serkan
This study examines the relations among information technology (IT), workplace organization and the demand for skilled labor. Recently, demand for skilled labor has relatively increased. One of the causes of this great increase is skill- biased technical change. Firms that are intensive users of IT tend to adopt a complementary set of organizational practices that include: decentralization of decision authority and a greater reliance on skill arid human capital. I have explored the affects of IT on skill and organizational architecture of firm by using a detailed data which was collected from the Şişecam Group of Company. I have tested that IT usage is complementary or substitutionary to a new workplace organization which includes broader job responsibilities, more decentralized decision-making and more self-managing teams together with IT and new organization are complements with worker skill measured in variety of ways.
Citation Formats
S. Gürsoy, “Information technology, workplace organization and demand for new kinds of skill,” M.S. - Master of Science, Middle East Technical University, 2003.