Metropolis, techno-culture, digitilized musical genres and clubbing in Turkey

Arıcan, Tunca
This thesis will analyze the social life in metropolises in terms of technological changes and social transformations with their effects on everyday practices especially musical genres. This thesis also aims to understand the relationships between techno-culture, contemporary musical genres and clubbing as a subculture that reflects the aspects of techno-culture with its life style especially musical tendencies. The thesis will also make some illustrations of the features and life style of clubbers in Turkey. So, this study is composed of both theoretical and empirical structures. In order to make a comparative study, clubbing will be compared with the other subcultures appeared after the Second World War like Jazz, Punk or Acid House. The aspects of everyday life like drug use, consumption or أappearanceؤ of those subcultures will be the base of this comparison.
Citation Formats
T. Arıcan, “Metropolis, techno-culture, digitilized musical genres and clubbing in Turkey,” M.S. - Master of Science, Middle East Technical University, 2003.