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Relationship between psychological preparation, preoperative and postoperative anxiety, and coping strategies in children and adolescents undergoing surgery

Ercan, Selma
The main purpose of the present study to examine the relationship between psychological preparation, attitudes toward hospital and health professionals, social support, ways of coping and sociodemographic variables with preoperative anxiety, post-intervention anxiety and post-operation anxiety in children anticipating an operation in child surgery clinic. In addition, the relationship between the anxiety level of child and anxiety level of mother was examined. The sample consisted of sixty children and their mothers. Data was collected utilizing the state form of the State-Trait Anxiety Inventory for iv Children (STAI-C), Attitudes Toward Hospital and Health Professionals Scale, Social Support Scale, KIDCOPE, and the state form of the State-Trait Anxiety Inventory (STAI) for mothers. Results of variance analysis showed that there was a significant decrease in anxiety scores from pre-operation, post-intervention to post-operation periods in treatment groups (information/ information together with mother/ interview). However, no significant difference was found among the control group. Children who received information alone and children who were informed together with mothers and children who were merely interviewed were found to demonstrate lower levels of anxiety than children in control group in post-intervention period. Children in the pre-operation period, were found to have less positive attitude than post-operation period in information group. Children who received information alone or children informing together with mothers, reported using أpositive copingؤ and أblame & angerؤ more than children in the mere interview and the control group. Also children in control group had significantly higher scores on أavoidanceؤ subscale than other three treatment groups. The results were discussed within the context of relevant literature.