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Implementing KQML agent communication language for multiagent simulation architectures on HLA

Göktürk, Erek
Multiagent simulation is gaining popularity due to its intuitiveness and ability in coping with domain complexity. HLA, being a distributed simulation architecture standard, is a good candidate for implementing a multiagent simulation infrastructure on, provided that agent communication can be implemented. HLA, being a standard designed towards a wide coverage of simulation system architectures and styles, is not an easy system to master. In this thesis, an abstraction layer called the Federate Abstraction Layer (FAL) is described for better engineering of software systems participating in an HLA simulation, providing lower project risks for the project manager and ease of use for the C++ programmers. The FAL is in use in project SAVMOS in Modelling and Simulation Laboratory. Discussion of FAL is followed by discussion of the study for realizing KQML for use in multiagent architectures to be built on top of HLA as the data transfer medium. The results are demonstrated with 10 federates implemented using the FAL.