Computerized cost estimation for forging industry

Tunç, Mehmet
In today's life, companies are faced with the problem of providing quality goods and services at competitive prices. Cost estimation is a very important process for a forging company, as each time a quote is sent to a customer, the company earns or loses money depending on the results of the particular estimate. However, determining pricing for customer quotes is a matter of time consuming, detailed number of tasks repeated each time. Cost estimation software might do those tedious calculations and assist the estimator step by step to reach to a cost estimate in relatively short time. In this study, an interactive cost estimation software named "Forge Cost Estimator", which performs the early cost estimation for forgings, has been developed. The program is aimed to be used by the cost estimators in hot forging companies. The software has various databases, which include material, forging and machining equipment data. The cost items defined in the forging work breakdown structure can be estimated by using different modules of the software and summed up in an additive structure by using the bottom-up cost estimation method. For calculating the forge volume quicker and easier, a new volume estimation system named "Easy-Volume", which is based on the volume fragmentation method, is proposed. The software can also guide the user in selecting the convenient forging production line. The software is written in MS Visual Basic 6.0. The developed program has been tested in a forging company and satisfactory cost estimations for several forgings have been achieved.


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M. Tunç, “Computerized cost estimation for forging industry,” M.S. - Master of Science, Middle East Technical University, 2003.