Determination of network delay distribution over the internet

Karakaş, Mehmet
The rapid growth of the Internet and the proliferation of its new applications pose a serious challenge in network performance management and monitoring. The current Internet has no mechanism for providing feedback on network congestion to the end-systems at the IP layer. For applications and their end hosts, end-to-end measurements may be the only way of measuring network performance. Understanding the packet delay and loss behavior of the Internet is important for proper design of network algorithms such as routing and flow control algorithms, for the dimensioning of buffers and link capacity, and for choosing parameters in simulation and analytic studies. In this thesis, round trip time (RTT), one-way network delay and packet loss in the Internet are measured at different times of the day, using a Voice over IP (VoIP) device. The effect of clock skew on one-way network delay measurements is eliminated by a Linear Programming algorithm, implemented in MATLAB. Distributions of one-way network delay and RTT in the Internet are determined. It is observed that delay distribution has a gamma-like shape with heavy tail. It is tried to model delay distribution with gamma, lognormal and Weibull distributions. It is observed that most of the packet losses in the Internet are single packet losses. The effect of firewall on delay measurements is also observed.
Citation Formats
M. Karakaş, “Determination of network delay distribution over the internet,” M.S. - Master of Science, Middle East Technical University, 2003.