Software development for man-machine interface for an industrial robot

Cengiz, Mahir Cihan
In this study, a robotic software, which controls the robot, is developed. The robot considered is a six degree of freedom robot and it is designed and manufactured in METU. User can send the robot anywhere in space within its workspace, in any orientation. Forward and inverse kinamatics can be executed according to the needs. Simulation framework is embedded into the software for the 3D visualisation of the robot. Any movements can be simulated on the screen. Software also generates the path for the given points. Then generated path is simulated on the screen. All position, velocity and acceleration graphics of joints can be examined for the generated path.
Citation Formats
M. C. Cengiz, “Software development for man-machine interface for an industrial robot,” M.S. - Master of Science, Middle East Technical University, 2003.