Business process modelling based computer-aided software functional requirements generation

Su, M. Onur
Problems of requirements which are identified in the earlier phase of a software development project can deeply affect the success of the project. Thus studies which aim to decrease these problems are crucial. Automation is foreseen to be one of the possible solutions for decreasing or removing some of the problems originating from requirements. This study focuses on the development and implementation of an automated tool that will generate requirements in natural language from business process models. In this study, The benefits of the tool are discussed, and the tool is compared with other software requirement s related tools with respect to their functionality. The developed tool has been tested within a large military project and the results of using the tool are presented.


Use of project similarity for software development time estimation
Taştekin, Semra Yilmaz; Bilgen, Semih; Erten, Murat; Department of Information Systems (2013)
Accurate development time estimation is crucial for project management in general, and critical for software intensive systems projects, in particular. Before beginning the project, little information is available for development details. Therefore, development time may not be estimated correctly. If data on previous projects in the same domain is available, this can be used for development time estimations. At the beginning of the project, requirements are defined and requirements specification document is...
A Dynamic software configuration management system
Kandemir, Fatma Gülşah; Doğru, Ali Hikmet; Erbaş, Cengiz; Department of Computer Engineering (2012)
Each software project requires a specialized management to handle software development activities throughout the project life cycle successfully and efficiently. Software governance structures provide easy and efficient ways to handle software development activities. Software configuration management is an important software development activity, and while selecting the right strategy in configuration management, its conformity to the software governance should be considered as well. Software configuration ...
Local search versus Path Relinking in metaheuristics: Redesigning Meta-RaPS with application to the multidimensional knapsack problem
Arin, Arif; Rabadi, Ghaith (Elsevier BV, 2016-09-01)
Most heuristics for discrete optimization problems consist of two phases: a greedy-based construction phase followed by an improvement (local search) phase. Although the best solutions are usually generated after the improvement phase, there is usually a high computational cost for employing a local search algorithm. This paper seeks another alternative to reduce the computational burden of a local search while keeping solution quality by embedding intelligence in metaheuristics. A modified version of Path ...
An Ontology based approach to requirements reuse problem in software product lines
Karataş, Elif Kamer; Birtürk, Ayşenur; Department of Computer Engineering (2012)
With new paradigms in software engineering such as Software Product Lines, scope of reuse is enlarged from implementation upto design, requirements, test-cases, etc. In this thesis an ontology-based approach is proposed as a solution to systematic requirement reuse problem in software product lines, and the approach is supported with a reuse automation tool. A case study is performed on the projects of an industrial software product line using hereby proposed solution and then based on the evaluated metrics...
Software development in practice : a qualitative study in Turkish defense sector
Dilber, Başak; Özkan Yıldırım, Sevgi; Department of Information Systems (2013)
Since management is an abstract concept, modeling or simulating software development projects is not exactly possible. Thus successful software project development and the factors affecting it have been popular fields of research for the last half century. The aim of this qualitative grounded theory study is to bring out the essence of the experience of people working as software developers in a specific organization operating in Turkey; to come up with a set of principles explaining the main success factor...
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M. O. Su, “Business process modelling based computer-aided software functional requirements generation,” M.S. - Master of Science, Middle East Technical University, 2004.