New building in historical settlement as an urban conservation problem : a case study in Tarsus

Bilgiç, Umut
This thesis develops around the theme of new building problem in historical settlements. Rapid and uncontrollable urbanization due to industrialization and over dense population is resulting in the demolishment of the existing historical settlements in our country. Despite this change, as the main goal of conservation is to provide historical continuity, the existence of the new buildings in historical settings as the products of this process come out to be an urban conservation problem. The current regulations for the new buildings in historical settings being applied in the norms of conservation plans are usually inadequate to bring out successfully integrated new buildings with the traditional setting due to their standard approaches to the problem. In that sense within this thesis study, Kizilmurat district of Tarsus is selected as the study area and a methodology is referred that considers the identity of the settlement and comments on the current regulations for the introduction of a proposal new building principles. Within the light of these proposed principles existing new buildings as the latest layer of the settlement are also evaluated and several interventions are brought out.