Physical properties of Pd, Ni metals and their binary alloys

Özdemir Kart, Sevgi
The Sutton Chen and quantum Sutton Chen potentials are used in molecular dynamics simulations to describe the structural, thermodynamical, and transport properties of Pd, Ni and their binary alloys in solid, liquid, and glass phases. Static properties including elastic constants, pair distribution function, static structure factor, and dynamical properties consisting of phonon dispersion relation, diffusion coefficient, and viscosity are computed at various temperatures. The melting temperatures for Pd-Ni system are obtained. The transferability of the potentials is tested by simulating the solid and liquid states. The eutectic concentration Pd0.45Ni0.55 is quenched at four different cooling rates. The system goes into glass formation at fast cooling rates, while it evolves to crystal at slow cooling rate. Comparison of calculated structural and dynamical properties with the available experiments and other calculations shows satisfactory consistency.
Citation Formats
S. Özdemir Kart, “Physical properties of Pd, Ni metals and their binary alloys,” Ph.D. - Doctoral Program, Middle East Technical University, 2004.